The power of two & working with diptychs

How much does that photograph cost?

In this week’s podcast, I share some thoughts on pricing your work and selling your work as art for the wall. Rather than focusing on what to price, I’ll share with you some of the key things to consider when pricing your work and taking those first step

The power of two & working with diptychs

Has digital really changed photography that much?

Normally when I get asked about film and digital, I talk about the darkroom days being less and less easy to find, changes in media, or how the industry has shifted. I might tell a story about how I used to work versus how I work today. This time I had a very quick response that could have been seen as tongue in cheek, but in the end, it seemed to be an answer that really resonated in the conversation. After all, a story is a story, and light is light.

This week’s podcast talks about my answer to this wonderful question and how I have evolved over time as a photographer to land on what I think is a great way to think about how we all deal with changes in the photographic industry.

The power of two & working with diptychs

What defines a great print in photography?

For many photographers who are starting their printing journey, much of the joy comes from the printer making prints that sort of looking like the screen. But as your skills evolve, there comes the point where making a good print turns into a significant print. There are some criteria we can use to evaluate one print from another. We look at some criteria when judging the quality of a print or reproduction. Anyone who has ever examined their work in print and then in a magazine or book knows that print quality varies.

This week’s podcast touches on the criteria we can use to judge the quality of a photographic print and how to talk about those qualities in a meaningful way.