Black and White Workshop Details

There is something magical about working in black and white. I think it part it is because the process harkens back to some of the foundations of photography. All the way back to those very first photographic images, black and white photos have always been a part of...

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Creative Live Photoshop Week

I am jazzed to be a part of CreativeoLive's Photoshop Week in May. I have been a huge fan of CreativeLive from the early days and can remember talking with Chase about what a great model it was for teaching and sharing information. If you aren't familiar with...

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Doding and Burning in Photoshop

One of my favorite ways to do dodging and burning in Adobe Photoshop is to use an Overlay blend mode layer. The process is super easy to do, easy to see where you applied the effect, and best of all completely non-destructive.

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New Neighbors

Lori and I moved into a new place this past fall and we have been getting to know the neighbors. The new place backs onto a wooded area and we have a lot more yard. When the cold weather set in we started to put out a number of feeders to keep the birds (and...

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Lightroom Library Workflow

I was digging around on my computer and found a video I recorded a while back on how to use some of the tools in Lightroom's Library Module to help you keep track of your photos. The goal of the video is to talk about some of the options...

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Great book: Light and Color in the Outdoors

Anyone who knows me knows that I love photo books. I find them hugely inspiring and informative. Along those lines, I am also always looking for books that help me better understand the why of photography. In my experiences, I have found that my photography increases...

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Q&A about my Portfolio Prep class at Photoshop World

I have had some people ask me for some more details about my Photoshop World 2016 pre-con. I thought I would answer a few of the questions that have come up. What is a Pre-con? For those of you who do not know about Photoshop World pre-cons, they are extending classes...

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5 reasons to go to Photoshop World 2016

Photoshop World is coming up again this summer and is being held in Las Vegas from July 19-21st. There are so many great reasons to go to Photoshop World. I know you are thinking Las Vegas in July should be at the top of the list, but it doesn't even make my top 5...

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Big News for Photoshop World 2016

I am so excited about this news. This year I have been selected to teach at Photoshop World. I have been attending this conference for many years, and this year I finally have been offered a chance to make it up onto the stage to teach. I never in a million years...

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