Print Information

Print prices start between $600 and  $800

Alternative processed prints or prints on alternative materials (metal, acrylic, etc)  varies by size and medium

All prints are sold as escalating editions. 

Freequently Asked Questions

What size prints do you sell?

Normally, archival pigment prints are available in sizes up a maximum width of 40″. if you want an image larger than 40″, there are a number of options. Feel free to contact me to discuss.

The price is the same regardless of the final print dimensions. In short, I sell the image not the paper size. So a 8×10 and a 30×40 are the same price.

Alternative prints are at various sizes based on the image and media used.

Do you offer prints in metal, acrylic or other surface?

Prints are available in multiple media and formats. There can be a surcharge for these substrates. If you are interested contact me and we can discusss options. 

Do you sell limited editions?

For the most part no I do not. Prints are sold on an escalating price scale with each numbered print sold. If an edition is limited, the limited edition information can be found in the print sale description.

What does escalating edition mean?

I don’t normally make limited edition prints. Occasionally, I might sometimes limit an edition of prints that are done in  an alternative process.  However for the most part, I think that one of the significant aspects of photography is the reproducibility of the work.

Rather than set the number of prints as an limited edition, I raise the price of an image 10% after each sale. As an example, if the first print priced at $800 the second would be at $880 and third one would be  $968.

Do your photos come framed?

I do not sell framed images. Framing is a highly personal choice. I am happy to discuss options and ideas with you for framing a print. I can also mock up an image your selected print in a frame on the wall of the room you plan on displaying the work. If my work is under gallery representation, those images may come framed depending on the show. Contact the gallery for more information about pricing, framing and options.  

Do you sign your work?

The images are signed on the front right corner and the edition number of the print is in the lower left corner. I also note the production and print information on the back of the print and in a document provided with the sale of the image. 

What happens if I move and want a different size print?

If you return the original image you purchased, I will print you the same image at a new size for the cost of shipping and a small materials fee. 

What do you use to print your images and how long do they last?

Archival pigment prints are printed on Epson printers using their latest Ultrachrome set and fine-art archival papers. This gives the prints a longevity rating of greater than 250 years for color images and 400 years for black and white. Prints are also sprayed with Premiere Art’s Print Shield to help protect them from UV light and the elements. 

Alternative process prints are produced using archival methods and result in a longevity, in most cases, of greater than 100 years.

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