Silly Dog Studios

Silly Dog Studios is a working artist space (a photography studio, a writer’s studio, and workshop space for people who want to expand themselves as creators. Silly Dog Studios is also our home.

We are photographer and popular instructor/podcaster, Daniel Gregory, poet/essayist/author, Lori Kane, Australian Shepherd/goof ball/three-legged/cancer survivor dog wonder, Eva Louise Jellybean (aka, Eva Las Vegas), Australian Shepard Cora Bella and two cats (Batman and Joey Big Paws) too awesome for words, so they say.

We are surrounded and supported by a host of others here. Our friends, family, and kind human neighbors, yes. Plus, we share the larger Silly Dog space with hundreds of plants and trees (including a beautiful dead tree still dancing and teaming with life); a raccoon family; several deer families; a pair of stellar jays; a pair of flickers; a pair of doves; a squirrel mom and her four Eva-taunting kids; passing-through robins; a gaggle of in-fighting hummingbirds; a mouse family who we’re trying to convince not to eat our car wiring for their sake as much as ours; plus neighbor ducks, heron, and eagles.

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