Of course, you shouldn’t know that…

The loss of sight and photography

I got to thinking these past few weeks about what would happen if I lost my eyesight. What would that mean for my photography? What would it mean to make photographs and appreciating photographs? In this week’s podcast, I talk a little bit about not being able to see could impact our photography and also how in some cases, it might make us better photographers because of how we would have to share what a photograph means in a much more complete way since we couldn’t just rely on someone looking at it.

Of course, you shouldn’t know that…

Not everything has to be the same

I have heard from several friends how every day in the pandemic seems to run together. Sort of a Groundhog Day effect. In this week’s podcast, I dive into that notion of everything and every day being the same and how that can impact our approach to talking about our photography in a meaningful way. I also talk about the challenges of shifting our focus on what we talk about to celebrate the experiences of every photograph we look at.

Of course, you shouldn’t know that…

Our reactions make the difference

This week’s podcast takes a look at the impacts of how we react to events and information. When you hear someone talk about your photography, do you focus on the negative, which in turn makes everything negative, or do you focus on the positive? In the podcast, I talk about how your approach to that feedback can make all the difference in improving your work. I also talk about some strategies to help you focus on slowing down the experience so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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