In this week’s podcast, Erik Bennion joins me to talk about a variety of topics relating to the art world. Erik has spent the past 25 or so years working in the fine-art gallery sector, artist, and art collector. Erik and I were having a conversation about art and working artist. At some point in the conversation, it occurred to me to record the conversation. We pick up the conversation midway through our discussion at a point where we are talking about the challenges…

In this podcast, I am joined by the amazingly talented photographer Sarah King. Sarah is a fine-art photographer based out of Seattle, Washington, who has recently begun working on a new project and business called Visum Monographs. In Visum Monographs, Sarah works to captures the essence of a place…

In this podcast, I am joined by Seattle-based photographer Aaron Brethorst. Aaron is a fine-art photographer from Minnesota who has relocated to the Seattle area. He works in a variety of photographic mediums from digital to historical processes. His work has been featured in numerous shows…

This first week is the wonderful writer Lori Kane.

Lori is an essayist, nonfiction storyteller, and poet. Her most recent book is titled The Grace of Dragons: Receiving the Gifts of Dementia Care Partnering. In The Grace of Dragon’s, Lori shares essays and poems about her family’s experience with her mom Alzheimer’s disease.

For this weeks podcast, I am joined by Seattle based fine-art photographer Gina White. Gina has been a photographer for over 25 years working primarily in historical and analog processes. She is a a faculty member at the Photographic Center Northwest where she teaches primarily black and white analog courses along with several courses focused on […]

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