Episode 103 Interview with Erik Bennion

In this week’s podcast, Erik Bennion joins me to talk about a variety of topics relating to the art world. Erik has spent the past 25 or so years working in the fine-art gallery sector, artist, and art collector. Erik and I were having a conversation about art and working artist. At some point in the conversation, it occurred to me to record the conversation. We pick up the conversation midway through our discussion at a point where we are talking about the challenges…

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Episode 102 Interview with photographer Sarah King

In this podcast, I am joined by the amazingly talented photographer Sarah King. Sarah is a fine-art photographer based out of Seattle, Washington, who has recently begun working on a new project and business called Visum Monographs. In Visum Monographs, Sarah works to captures the essence of a place…

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Episode 101 Interview with Aaron Brethorst

In this podcast, I am joined by Seattle-based photographer Aaron Brethorst. Aaron is a fine-art photographer from Minnesota who has relocated to the Seattle area. He works in a variety of photographic mediums from digital to historical processes. His work has been featured in numerous shows…

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Episode 100 Interview with author and poet Lori Kane

This first week is the wonderful writer Lori Kane.

Lori is an essayist, nonfiction storyteller, and poet. Her most recent book is titled The Grace of Dragons: Receiving the Gifts of Dementia Care Partnering. In The Grace of Dragon’s, Lori shares essays and poems about her family’s experience with her mom Alzheimer’s disease.

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tPP98 Saying Good-bye and the project process

People and your creativity As 2017 started, I began to look at my creative process and the things that impacted that process. As it turns out, I have some associates that cause a significant drain on my creativity. They are negative, rude and not really...

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tPP97 Why you became a photographer

Why you became a photographer I was recently asked about how I become a photographer, and as I got to thinking about this question the moreĀ I realized that the question of why was more important than how. The how implies a process or procedure to become...

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tPP96 What drives your creative life

What drives your creative life As I looked around the studio this week, still getting it cleaned and built, I got to thinking about all the work to create and live a creative life. I got to thinking about what are the sorts of things that drive us to be...

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tPP95 Creative productivity in 2017

Being Productive Thinking forward to everything that I want to accomplish in 2017 has me considering what sort of changes I need to make to my productive plan. In the past, when I didn't achieve my goals I got to thinking of myself as lazy, but as the new...

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