Conversation starters

This week’s podcast is focused on the importance of conversations in our photography, and how those conversations can change the way we see and experience behind the lens.

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The making of a one hit wonder

I was rocking out to the car radio the other day. A few songs came on back-to-back. They were huge songs when I was in college. They were one-hit wonders. Does a one-hit wonder in photography mean something and if so what? That is the dive into the pool we take this week on the perceptive photographer podcast.

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What is photography about?

This week’s podcast dives into the topic of what photography is about. By looking at some of the key elements that make up a photography or concepts in a photograph, I argue that photography is actually about the life lived by the photographer and not a moment of light, gesture or gear.

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Dealing with choices

Episode 371 This week’s podcast talks about the conditions that arise when we are left with too many choices and the impacts on our work If you want...

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Instant successes decades in the making

This week’s podcast talks about how sometimes an instant success to someone can seem like a long slow journey to the person making it. It is better to be a instant hit or travel the longer journey?

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Pick one thing to focus on in your work

In the podcast this week, the focus is, well, focus. I talk about how we approach our work and what it can do to our process when we get a handle on both camera focus and other forms of focus.

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What makes a basic photograph interesting?

In the podcast this week, I talk about the importance of seeing and framing elements in your images to make them more interesting both at first glance and at the same time offer a more profound discovery the more you look at them.

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Well it has been 7 years since this all started

In this week’s podcast, in addition to talking about a little podcast history and the importance of photography in our lives, I also detail out some of the workshops I am teaching this year that you can register for up on my site at

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