Episode 119: Image selection for juried shows

In last week's podcast, we talked about some of the things to consider when submitting to a juried show. In this week's podcast, I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the things to consider when selecting those images for that juried show. Before we dived in to...

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Episode 118: Considerations for photo competitions

  One of the questions that I get asked about a lot is entering photo competitions. With so many contests, chances to win and options out there, it is easy to spend a lot of time, energy and effort on entering these competitions. I think that you need to be...

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Episode 117: Creativity and a sensing broken

This week's podcast was gonna be about selections for juried show and how you go about picking those. However, over the past several weeks, myself and some of the other instructors, I work with have noticed that there's something strange in the creative space in the...

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Episode 116: Classification verse exploration in photography

  I was reading about the Hayden expedition to Yellowstone in 1871. This expedition is notable in photography because it included the photographer William Henry Jackson. On that same expedition, there was a collection of ornithologist meteorologist biologist...

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Episode 115: Photography and fast food

  This past weekend we were helping setup a booth at a local farmers market. As I was talking to a few of the local farmers who were at the market I realized how there approach to farming was something that could be applied to photography. They work hard to make...

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Episode 114: Perception, conception and boredom in photography

I was recently listening to a couple of photographs look at each other's work. One of the photographers was showing some abstract work. The other photographer wanted to know what the image was a photograph of. The first photographer wouldn't say because they felt that...

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Episode 113: Five lessons I wish I knew sooner

After reviewing some old notes, I came across a list of things I wish I knew earlier in my photography. That old list got me thinking about what I could tell my past self-based on what I know today. Most of the list is pretty simple, but I think I would have liked to...

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Episode 112: Why switch gear

CreativeLive I am speaking at Photoshop Week on CreativeLive in May. You can join me on Monday, May 16 and Tuesday, May 17 from 10:45-12:15. I am speaking on building a personalized workflow and creating the fine-art print. You can watch for free during the week, so...

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Episode 111: Thinking about audience

After visiting some galleries recently, I got to thinking about audience and who looks at art. For photography, in particular, because we are inundated with images that on some level we are exposed to more photograph than any other form of art, and to get meaningful feedback, it is important to understand who actually is looking at our work.

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Episode 110: Where is your line

This week’s podcast is all about the crossing lines in our photography. There are always lines in photography that photographers have to think about. Most photographers think about lines in composition when they are thinking about the line. From leading lines to rule of thirds, there are always lines in the frame.

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