Not everything has to be the same

I have heard from several friends how every day in the pandemic seems to run together. Sort of a Groundhog Day effect. In this week’s podcast, I dive into that notion of everything and every day being the same and how that can impact our approach to talking about our photography in a meaningful way. I also talk about the challenges of shifting our focus on what we talk about to celebrate the experiences of every photograph we look at.

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Our reactions make the difference

This week’s podcast takes a look at the impacts of how we react to events and information. When you hear someone talk about your photography, do you focus on the negative, which in turn makes everything negative, or do you focus on the positive? In the podcast, I talk about how your approach to that feedback can make all the difference in improving your work. I also talk about some strategies to help you focus on slowing down the experience so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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Reading is fundamental

If you ever take one of my classes or workshops, you will listen to me talk about reading the photograph. The idea of reading a photograph is just like reading a book. You have to slow down, take it in, process the work, and think about it.

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Importance of Spring Cleaning

This week’s podcast breaks out the dustpan and broom. It is spring cleaning week. It is important to keep yourself organized and with sufficient space to be creative. With that in mind, this week we take a look at three easy places to do some spring cleaning in your photography practice to make some room for both the new and old ideas you might have around your photographic work.

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Staying with something good or evolving to something better

Sometimes when we are working, it is easy to stick with what we are good at. We tend to think that we are meant to be doing it if we are good at something. However, being good at something doesn’t mean that we enjoy something or should keep doing something. In this week’s podcast, we talk about how sometimes we need to give up what we are good at in favor of doing what we’re meant to do or really want to be doing.

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Nice photograph, but is it personal?

This week’s podcast takes a look at why we create. I believe that art, and by proxy photography, is best when it is personal. It is born out of our curiosity and desire to discover, learn, grown, process, and sort out how we fit in the world. When we make work from a place of self–understanding, it taps into a common thread across lots of people who have similar feelings and ideas. While made by a single click, our images allow us to connect as a community to more important questions we face in life about who and what we are. As you think about your work, if you find yourself doing work that does feel right or seems off, maybe you need to think about what is it about the work that is important to you. Be a little selfish in some way and appreciate that creativity and art sometimes work best when we focus first on who we are and who we are becoming.

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How long to wait?

Episode 311 Each one of us has a different level of patience when it comes to time. I think each of us has to answer how long I am willing to wait...

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It’s always something

Episode 310 For many photographers I work with, one of the consistent pieces of feedback I hear is that there is never enough of something to do the...

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Edges or overlaps in your approach to photography

When we think about approaching our photography, we often put things in buckets or bins. These classifications can help us identify areas of the images to work with and projects to pursue or find meaning in our work. Over time, I have grown to think about these ideas as more of a continuum or spectrum of ideas where they overlap and push into each other. Rather than creating edges, they offer up some softer transitions to more meaningful work. This week’s podcast looks at how this approach to edges and overlaps can impact our work with voice and vision.

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Is it poor taste or a bad photograph?

I work with a lot of different people on different aspects of photography. One of the big areas that I help people with is developing a deeper connection to their work and others’ work. In that process, one of the issues that comes up repeatedly is the idea of what makes a good photograph. On more than one occasion, I have found myself in the conversation about something being a bad photograph or not. As I have looked back over my notes from these conversations, I have begun to wonder if the issue is more about personal taste in art, apathy for composition, or are we just willing to live with less than ideal photographs. This week’s podcast dips its toe into the idea of what makes something good and why there is an audience for what you might consider bad art.

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Who’s your photo buddy?

Throughout our lifetime, we have a lot of friends and acquaintances. Some people are around for a short time, and others might last that lifetime. I have been thinking a lot lately about friendships and how they shape and shift us. They provide support, honesty, humor, companionship, and so much more. As I started to think about photography, I wondered about friendships in photography and the impact they can have. This week’s podcast focuses on the question of who your photo buddy is and what does that mean to you and your work?

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