In this Episode This week I noticed a number of articles online talking about the secrets of photography. Most of them had between five and ten secrets that every photographer should know. As if there are these secrets that somehow have magic powers. At the same time I have been looking back and some journal […]

  A recent trip to a conference had me packing up a lot of my camera gear. To keep my own sanity and make sure that I don’t leave anything behind in the hotel room, I like to make a checklist of things to pack. This time I thought it might be helpful to look […]

Tips about using the Adobe Lightroom develop module. Vignettes Radial Filter Targeted Adjustment Tool Power of the Alt/Option key changing the end panel graphic spot healing split toning for black and white as well as color images using grain for effect seeing RGB values as number vs percentages quick reset adjustment options  

Summary: <start sarcasm here>This article is a shining example of the power of a Top 10 ways to become a professional photographer. The steps are easy, hot, sexy and so much fun you will tell all your friends you know more than they ever will.<mostly end sarcasm here> I was recently reading some blogs from […]

Here is the next collection of 10 books from my bookshelf project that started last week. Each of these books are from my bookshelf in my office that I have found as an amazing source of inspiration  support, or help over the years. While a lot of books I have purchased end up being one hit […]