In this Episode I have been really interested in how storytelling happens in art. For the past several months I have been looking more an more at how motion pictures and higher-value television shows construct and tell stories. Because the medium is similar to photography, the use of lighting, location, framing, and subjects are very […]

I have had some people ask me for some more details about my Photoshop World 2016 pre-con. I thought I would answer a few of the questions that have come up. What is a Pre-con? For those of you who do not know about Photoshop World pre-cons, they are extending classes that happen on the […]

In this Episode   In 1977, Susan Sontag release a collection of essay written between 1973 and 1977 in a book called On Photography. The book is a collection of those essays in which Sontag examines the role of photography, photographs and photographers impacts on society and art. Written more as philosophical thoughts than academic […]

In this Episode With the introduction of the Kodak Brownie camera, the masses have been able to photograph pretty much anything they want. This has allowed us to have an interesting look at our history. As told from the perspective of the everyday photographer, any object could become a source of inspiration. Flash forward to […]

In this Episode Well it has been a year since I started the podcast. In this 52nd episode, I look back at a couple of key learning points from the year. As I started the podcast, I learned how hard it is to get audio recorded and sounding normal. I also was reminded that you […]