In this Episode In this podcast we return to one of the central themes of creating meaningful work. Since starting the podcast, one of the most common questions I get asked seems to revolve around what it takes to make a good photograph. While we have covered this topic in various forms before on the […]

  A recent trip to a conference had me packing up a lot of my camera gear. To keep my own sanity and make sure that I don’t leave anything behind in the hotel room, I like to make a checklist of things to pack. This time I thought it might be helpful to look […]

    You are an amazing storyteller. All of us want to have you tell your story. Some stories are short. Some are long. Some make us laugh, and others make us cry. We wrap up in fiction and dive deep into non-fiction. But in the end, you are living an amazing story. Just tell […]

One of the aspects of photography, when it results in a truly meaningful photograph, is when the photographer is present in the moment of seeing, editing and printing (more on editing and printing is subsequent post). While all moments in time are unique, there are these moments in life, that are sometimes just milliseconds, which mean more […]

After a brief conversation today with @duncan on twitter about the perils of focusing on complex file organization systems for our images rather than creating images, I have been thinking about all the things that I do to keep myself from working on the projects and task that actually move my art forward. I think […]