It is sort of a tradition of mine to post out some of my favorite quotes I hear on day two of Photoshop World. You might wonder why I do this for the second day two of a multiple day conference, if not you can skip ahead to the quotes section below. First, the conference’s second day has the most sessions and number of classes which means more chances to interact with more people . Second, one of my favorite events is called the Art of Photography and that happens on the second night. This program is a panel of 10 of the best photographers sharing their work and passion for this great art. There is nothing technical presented in the program, it is to just meant to inspire and motivate each person in the room to go out and make the best work they can. The event is filled with absolutely amazing images and presentations so it is pretty easy to hear some great quotes. And finally, I think day two is when everyone gets in the groove. New friends have been made, and everyone is happy to share what they have learned.  So without any further ado, my favorite quotes from PSW 2012 East Coast edition.

Favorite Quotes from the Day

“It’s taking my photography to new heights” — Joe Glyda in taking about his work in aviation

“This image was taken at 12,800 ISO. Why? Because I didn’t know it was set at 12,800” — Jay Maisel

“I have redefined in my own mind what I am defined as. I am now defined as an artist” —Joel Grimes

“Social media sites are the fishing nets for your commerce and the way to get them to your house (website/blog)” —RC Concepcion

“Impossible is just an opinion, and no is just a starting point” — Vincent Versace

“I prefer to treat all of nature as a sacred place” — John Paul Caponigro

“Light is the greatest influence on my work” —  Dave Black

“Sometimes four inches in light location can make or break an image” —Joel Grimes

“Listen to your lights” — Joe Glyda

“Love is one weapon that kills all evil” — via Jeremy Cowart from one of his photos taken during his work of Voices of Reconciliation in Rwanda

“The camera only sees what you give it. You can quote me on that.” —Gregory Heisler

“Today we have an opportunity to make a difference” — John Paul Caponigro

Moose Peterson was asked “What king of photography do you do?” his response “The best I can.”

“Light will always, always come forward in your images, but sometimes not.” —Jay Maisel

“Social media is about engagement and conversation. People show up when you do good things” —RC Concepcion

“Color is the enemy of shape and vice-versa.” — Jay Maisel

“We all need a kick in the butt to get out and create.” —Joel Grimes

“Shoot what you can’t help but shoot” —Gregory Heisler

Not a quote so much, but at the Art of Photography, Julieanne Kost showed her new work I loved the titles of her new bodies of work “Moments Given” “Moments Combined” and “Moments Alone”

“Can you tell someone how to be a better photographer. Yeah, move your ass” —Jay Maisel

Maybe it was just how I was listening, but there seemed to be a clear theme that emerged as the day progressed–great work that we connect with comes from people’s passion and not their technique. You can chase technique and trends, but at the end of the day your work has be a reflection of who you are and what matters to you.  Greg Heisler made a geat analogy that style is a like a fingerprint and techniques and trends are like gloves. We can all wear that same gloves, but your fingerprints are unique.  If all you do is wear gloves, you can’t leave any fingerprints.

I hope that you find some of these as inspiring as I do. I tried to select quotes that would mean something even if you weren’t in the work, or I just found them funny.