The original Koloa Sugar Mill was originally opened in 1835 and all that remains of that building is the brick chimney in the center of the town of Koloa, but what is left of the main sugar mill is located just outside of town. Now closed and run down, the mill is a reminder of changing tides in world markets and economies. Once a central crop of Kauai, the sugar mill now stand closed and ready for recycling (a friendly term for torn down). We were fortunate enough to get access to be inside the mill for a few hours thanks to the amazing work of the DLWS team. It was an honor and privilege to get to spend a few hours with a building at the end of its life. It had amazing stories to tell and images to share. I will always remember the warmth and honesty the buildings shared that day.


All images were captured on a Nikon D700 with Lexar UDMA compact flash media.