Join me for a photo walk on August 20th, 2014 in the heart of one of the greatest neighborhoods in Seattle. We will be photographing in Fremont. The home of the Red Door, the mighty troll, El Camino, soccer at the George & Dragon and of course Adobe and Getty Images. We will be meeting […]

So cold out As the grey clouds begin their consumption the Pacific Northwest, the last of the leaves have fallen from most of the trees. As I wandered the streets with a camera, I realized that it was the sounds of the leaves at my feet rather than over my head that let me know […]

I was on the train from Seattle to Vancouver BC for the weekend. I was in the dinning car working on the computer when the train rounded a corner, and we could look back to the south. The clouds and sky colors were amazing. Reached over grabbed the camera off the seat next to me […]