In photography, we can not control everything. It is one of the best parts of the medium. However, we should always make sure to try and be aware of the things in the image we can control. One of the key components, that I think is often overlooked but is so important, is point of view. Point […]

My wife is from South Dakota and every time we go back to visit family, I am often times a little sad with some of the small towns the we visit and drive though on our way to a relatives house. A lot of her family were famers or are currently farmers and that lifestyle […]

After a few hours in the car, my friend Mike and I arrived in the town of Colfax, Wa in the heart of the Palouse. The drive in was amazing. The sun was out with just some big cumulous clouds off in the distance. As we cut down off of Interstate 90,  I was reminded […]

The palouse is an area in southeastern Washington that is made up of these beautiful rolling hills of mostly wheat. You can drive for hours mesmerized by the subtle nuances that appear in the fields based on the crop, harvesting cycles,  seasons and the weather.  It is a gracefully land with amazing people who always […]