Anyone who knows me knows that I love photo books. I find them hugely inspiring and informative. Along those lines, I am also always looking for books that help me better understand the why of photography. In my experiences, I have found that my photography increases as my understanding of color theory, black and white […]

Got to spend time with friends last night. It was great to catchup with RC Concepcion, Corey Barker, Mia McCormick and Adam Silversmith the night before Photoshop World 2015. It is always great to see everyone and catchup. Mia wanted to try out some night work for a project she was working on and the […]

Hey there is still time to come out and join me for a fun weekend of black and white photography. We will start the workshop off by talking about what makes a great black and white photograph. We will then head out to photograph one of the many great locations on Whidbey Island. The rest […]

In photography, we can not control everything. It is one of the best parts of the medium. However, we should always make sure to try and be aware of the things in the image we can control. One of the key components, that I think is often overlooked but is so important, is point of view. Point […]

I popped over to Ebey’s Nature Preserve, which has some of the best birds on Whidbey. Located by Fort Casey State park, the Admiralty Bay and Crockett Lake provide the water salt-water lagoons and protected wetlands that make it one of  the best places to find a huge variety of birds. This time of year […]