tPP82 Five Good Habits for Photographers

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

October 3, 2016

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Five good habits for photographers

It is amazing how easy it is to develop some simple habits that make things easier and better in life. Some habits are engrained since childhood like brushing your teeth. Still, others are learned as we get older. I think there are a few simple habits that you could develop that would make a difference in your photography.

  1. Keeping organized–not just your digital assets but your gear, business files, and anything else released to your photography. It is amazing how much easier things are to do when you know where to find them.
  2. Keeping clean–clean your camera gear after each use and then do a deep cleaning at least once a year. Knowing that your gear is ready a moments notice with clean lens, charged batteries and the proper settings can make a huge difference when it is time to walk out the door
  3. Shooting outside your comfort zone at least once a  month–find some time to push out and photograph what you don’t normally photograph. This is a chance to remove the rust and get some new skills. It is also a chance for you to apply some knowledge in ways you hadn’t considered before.
  4. Consume more quality photography–Find significant photography and photographers and spend time with the images. Pick a day of the week or month to dedicate to just looking at and diving into photographs.
  5. Pick a day of the month to focus on training–Just like with shooting outside your comfort zone, saving up and doing your training one day a month can help you practice old skills and develop new skills without feeling rushed on the job.

I am sure that there are other habits that can make a difference in your work, and I encourage you to find those habits and make them stick. You might be amazed what you can do with a little consistency.

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