tPP81 How sentimentality impacts our photography

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

September 26, 2016

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How sentimentality impacts our photography

In the process of packing to move to the new studio, I realized how many things I have kept over the years for no real reason other than a sentimental attachment to the object. I have a whole boat load of gear that I no longer use and have not plans to use. Yet, when I look at it and think about giving it away or selling it, I convince myself that it is too important to let go. In the end, keeping all these sentimental objects, thoughts and feelings are anchors or weights from moving forward. We need to spend a little time building the space necessary for new insights, gear, and experiences to happen. If the glass is full, there is no space for the new water to flow.

As you look at your own photographic collection of gear, books, mentors, training sites and more, what do you really need? What can you let go of and never miss? Making a list of what you let go and help find a home can give you tons of karma credits.

Finally, I wanted to give a quick shout out to the amazing and talented photographer David Kelly. I had the privilege of working with David last month on some of his work. He specializes in infrared photography. He has such a unique vision and style, I think you would be highly inspired if you spent a few minutes to check out his work. You can see his current and past projects on his site

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