The Perceptive Photographer

with host Daniel J Gregory

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Keeping perspective before and after the click

In this episode, we explore the pivotal moment between capture and concept and how making sure we focus on the right creative process at the right time and really push our work forwards in meaningful ways.

Seeing the shots with community

Dive into episode 436 of The Perceptive Photographer to explore the intertwining of camaraderie, standards, and idealism in photography. In this episode, I reflect on an owl photo adventure, revealing insights into how photographers can enhance their craft through...

Questions of quality: The viewing of a great Photo

Dive into the ideas of what makes a good photograph in this episode of the Perceptive Photographer podcast. In episode 461 we try to unlock what defines quality in a image and how our assessment of the subjective nature of good changes and evolves over time From...

Embrace Failure: A Key to Success

Dive into our exploration of failure as a stepping stone in photography and creativity on this episode of The Perceptive Photographer.