I recently was in need of a lens for a trip and thought that I would give Borrow Lenses a try. I have spoken with them a few times at various conferences and found them to be very helpful and fun in person. So for this trip when I wanted to rent a Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens for 5 days, I gave them a try.  Their website was super easy to use and it was able to show me the inventory and status of the lens I wanted on the days requested. It was nice to know that the lens was in fact available without having to contact customer service or complete an order to find out if there were any issues. The price was great and I could also get some insurance from them in the event something went wrong on my end. Once the order was placed, I got several emails about the status of my order including a reminder that it was shipping on time to meet my delivery date. A nice touch.

One other extra level of service that I appreciated was around credit card security. I had to make sure that my proper shipping addresses were on file with my credit card company. Borrow Lenses reaches out on initial orders to make sure that someone hasn’t had a card stolen and is about to be responsible for very expensive camera gear. A nice added touch of service for both of us.

The lens was ordered with two day shipping and showed up right on time. The lens was packed in a very well padded box that I was asked to use to return the lens when I was done. Inside the box was the return address label and some ride along marketing materials. The lens was stored in a plastic bag and was in great shape without any damage or marks.

The lens worked great and I was able to get it packed up and returned on time. I did get a final note from them letting me know that they have received the lens and all parts (caps, etc) in excellent condition. It was nice to know that nothing happened on transit and that they were happy with the way I treated the lens.

So if you are looking to rent a lens, body or other camera gear you should give Borrow Lenses a shot. They really did right by me.