The value of small changes you can make even in a year of crazy to boost your photography enjoyment

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

September 14, 2020

Episode Number:

Episode 288

Sometimes it is the little things that can make all the difference. In a photograph, it might be a shift in POV or depth of frame. In our printing, it might be the right paper selection. No matter what you are working on a small change can be a big deal. However, as the days seemingly run together in this year of COVID, I got to thinking about how easy it is to miss the small changes since everything and every day seem to blend. 

For me, there have been five small changes that I have discovered I made over the past several months that have had a direct impact on my approach to my work. This week’s podcast takes a look at those changes and how they impacted my photography and work. Hopefully, they can inspire you to try out the same or think about what small changes you will carry forward even when things shift out of our 2020 way of being. As for me, the five big little changes are:

  • Understanding that things to do and ways of being are not the same. A task list of items to complete is not the same as having a creative day.
  • Organizational systems, no matter how small or unbusy we might seem, matter
  • Small shots matter in photography. Even if you can’t get to your normal travel destinations or favorite places, small clicks of simple things matter
  • Play matters. Things need to be fun and doing something fun makes it easier for your photography to be fun
  • I got an apron to wear when I am working. It has helped me get focus in the studio. Small rituals and actions can have a huge impact on your approach to creative living. 

As always, hope you and yours are safe, and please remember to keep safe and wear your mask!

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Perceptive Photographer Advanced Workshop: The Meaningful Image


Gear used in the podcast

One of the questions I get asked frequently is what sort of equipment do I use to record my podcast. I have used a variety of equipment in the three years that I have been recording, but here is the current list of equipment that I am using. Also as an FYI and full disclosure, the links are affiliate links to Amazon.

Rode Procaster XLR microphone
Rode Boom Arm
Rode PSM Shockmount
All three Rode components a kit
Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
Adobe Audition (part of creative cloud subscription)
LogicPro X
Macbook Pro
OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock

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