tPP85 Halloween costumes and Photography

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

October 24, 2016

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Halloween costumes and simple photography

As fall takes hold and the seasonal changes are in full swing, we find ourself at the end of October and one of our great holidays. Halloween is just around the corner. It has got me thinking. As a kid, I remember being all excited about getting to dress up and head out into the neighborhood getting bags and buckets of candy. As I got older, I still found Halloween to be a big deal. There was always a big party with everyone dressed up like an alter-ego. Over the years, I have been a Blockbuster video, cop, superhero, IT director, a can of beer and the classic vampire and ghost. Each costume allowed a different side of my personality get to come out into the open and get a night to play. I got to thinking about how that same process can impact our creative living. Imagine what type of work you might create if you took a day or two to try and live as your alter ego. What would they photograph and create? What sort of message would they want to convey? In many ways since they are in fact you, what is keeping you from pushing those fringe projects forward? Maybe it might help to find that Halloween costume and a camera and see what might happen when you get all dressed up for the holiday and flex those creative muscles.

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If you subscribe to the Perceptive Photographer up on in iTunes and have you take a few minutes to do a quick review, it can help others learn about the show.

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