Perceptive Photographer Episode 10: Photography and Online Dating

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

May 18, 2015

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PerceptivePhotographerWeblogoPerceptive Photographer Episode 10: Photography and Online Dating

I was recently out to dinner with a good friend who has returned to the world of dating. Having been fortunate enough to be in a relationship since before online dating, I was fascinated to hear about his experiences. As he talked about the process of signing up for an account, finding matches online, and first dates my mind sort of drifted to how similar his experience is to some of what we do with our photography and creative process. In an effort to find a quick start to our photographic relationship we in some ways miss out on those exciting early months of a relationship were we learn so much not just about the person we are dating but about ourselves.

As we work as photographers, I think we have a chance to really think about our relationship with photography and how we want that relationship to be meaningful, lasting and know that it is a long process that requires some work. And while I wish my friend all the success in the world and hope that he is able to find a relationship that works for him, I do not envy his experiences dating right now. As for me, I am going to work on my relationship with my photographic mistress and see if we can find some more common ground and exciting conversations together.

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