Episode 132 Changing seasons and the value of the printing process

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

September 18, 2017

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In this week’s podcast, the changing of the seasons from summer to fall has me thinking about how the change of seasons causes a shift in my photographic practice. As I looked back at my photographic process, I have learned that the limited light and gray of the Pacific Northwest has me hole up in the darkroom in the winter more than I spend time out shooting. Recognizing this, I have shifted what I do in the summer and fall to be better prepared to take advantage of the darker days of winter. After some R&D this summer, I am ready to really focus on printing a number of projects this winter.

In anticipation of printing this winter also lead me to think about how printing my images can help me think more and more about the indented audience, printing substrates and the final look and feel of a project.

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Listener Questions

Listener Questions

In the podcast this week, we are diving into some listener questions that have come in over the past few months.

Insights from The Nature of Photographs

Insights from The Nature of Photographs

In this week’s podcast, I dive into a quick look at the book The Nature of Photographs and how the impact of focus at the descriptive level can make a huge difference in your approach to your photographs.