The art of giving up

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

August 12, 2019

Episode Number:

Episode 231

At some point, we all want to quit. For a host of reasons, we might want to call it a day. Maybe we are tired, bored, fearful, or lost. No matter the cause at some point in your photography, you will want to move on. For some, it might be moving on from just a project. For others, it might be from photography in general.

This week’s podcast takes a look at the art of giving up. The process of letting go so that we can remove the old and make room for the new. A chance to find that we can continue to create and build on our experiences in life to become better than we were yesterday. While giving up doesn’t always have to happen, and some times giving up is done for the wrong reasons, we can sometimes find peace and joy when we celebrate the good that comes from starting a new.

Gear used in podcast

One of the questions I get asked frequently is what sort of equipment do I use to record my podcast. I have used a variety of equipment in the three years that I have been recording, but here is the current list of equipment that I am using. Also as an FYI and full disclosure, the links are affiliate links to Amazon.

Rode Procaster XLR microphone
Rode Boom Arm
Rode PSM Shockmount
All three Rode components a kit
Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
Adobe Audition (part of creative cloud subscription)
LogicPro X
Macbook Pro
OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock

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Work is never linear

Work is never linear

This episode peels back the layers on how a non-linear approach to time can reshape our photographic journey and push the boundaries of our artistic process