djgphotoBackyard1We are having  a bit of clear weather this week and the temperatures have dropped in the neighborhood into the 20s at night. This has put a nice frost over the neighborhood. In the backyard, we have a crabapple tree that is still covered in crabapples. For the local birds, the tree serves as a local breakfast cafe.

With the sun so low on the horizon, only about half the tree gets any sun this time of year. With the warmth of the sun and smorgasbord of apples, we have dozens of birds that stop by every morning. Sometimes it gets pretty competitive for the ideal branches, but for the most part there is room for everyone.

First thing in the morning, I usually sit in the dinning room with our two boy cats and watch the birds come and go. They get all bug-eyed and puffy, while I just enjoy a cup of tea. It is a pretty simple way to start the day…great way to start the day.

djgphotoRobin1I got out the camera today and setup to look out the big bay window and make a few clicks. After a while behind the lens, I went out and refilled the feeder. Gotta keep giving the people what they want.