Bald Eagle Irony?

DjGregory-WhidbeyIsland-2055I recently moved out to Whidbey Island from Seattle. For the past sever weeks, Lori and I have been exploring the island. This grand adventure we are on has resulted in me getting the chance to scout all sorts of new places to shoot. Yesterday, I was driving down by Ebey’s Landing and was watching a pair of bald eagles out hunting for fish in the shallow waters. I sat back with the binoculars and watched for a while and one of them came to rest down on a post about a quarter mile down the road. I drove down the road a bit and was able to get this shot of the eagle. I thought to myself either bald eagles can’t read,  they just don’t care or are masters of irony. Either way, there is some awesome wildlife on the island. I am gonna need a bigger lens.


February 23, 2014

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