Lightroom Collections Workflow

Adobe Lightroom has a number of options for you to manage your workflow. One of the best ways is through the use of collections. I was a folder organizer for a number of years even with Lightroom on my machine, but once I understood the value of collections, collection sets and smart collections I never looked back and my folders for organization. This video covers one way that you can use collections to help keep you organized in Lightroom. The best part of collections is that they are easy to update and mange so  as my workflow evolves so will my use of collections. I really look forward to continuing to learn more about how people are using this feature of Lightroom to keep their work organized and incorporate the best of that into my own workflows.

Note:  This particular workflow has the same collection folders being created over and over again for each shoot or project. Since Lightroom doesn’t have a way to automate the creation of collection folders in a catalog, I created a video that shows how to get around this issue. You can see the video here.

November 28, 2011

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