Join me for great black and white workshop

DanieljGregory_AnchorStudy#1_1932Hey there is still time to come out and join me for a fun weekend of black and white photography. We will start the workshop off by talking about what makes a great black and white photograph. We will then head out to photograph one of the many great locations on Whidbey Island.

The rest of the weekend we will spend focusing on getting great black and white images out of the digital darkroom. From concepts and techniques in Camera RAW/Lightroom to Photoshop to amazing Third-party tools we will cover a number of ways to express your storytelling in black and white.

We will also spend some time looking at printing the black and white image and how picking the right materials to print on can make all the difference. I hope that you can find some time to come out and join me. The workshop is the weekend of June 26-28 of June. You can register using the link below.


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June 9, 2015

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