When you spend a good deal of your time photographing from a tripod, you can find your panning skills a little rusty. Learn to pan is way more about muscle memory than anything your brain can come up with to get a clear shot. Like most things in photography, practice makes perfect and I haven’t […]

  I spent the past weekend out at Puget Sound Energy’s Wild Horse Wind Farm with my good friend Mike. We have been out to the wind farm a few times (here and here) on our way to and from the Palouse but this was the first time that we made a trip specially for photographing […]

Here is a couple of other images from the Wild Horse wind farm from my evolving series on clean energy solutions printed with alternative process. The wind farm has about 150 turbines that can generate about 275-megawatts of power which is enough to power about 80,000 homes. Each tower stands 221 feet tall and weigh 104 […]

Today in Seattle, it is a vey gray day. Even at 10am the street lights are on in some neighborhoods, and my car automatically turned on the nighttime driving lights when I went out. The day is a reflection of my state of mind. No matter what I look at or think about with my […]