One of my favorite places to go and look for wildlife and birds in particular when I am on the mainland, is the Wiley Slough in the Skagit Valley. This slough is part of the Skagit River delta and is home to so many critters. You can wander along the dike trails and get to […]

We are having  a bit of clear weather this week and the temperatures have dropped in the neighborhood into the 20s at night. This has put a nice frost over the neighborhood. In the backyard, we have a crabapple tree that is still covered in crabapples. For the local birds, the tree serves as a […]

Tonight a little fishing was happening down on the beach by the house. The water creates a strong rip tide and when the tide is going out there can be a few shallows where the fish congregate. And where there is fish herons can’t be far behind. A fun quick click. Glad I had the camera […]

I am lucky enough to live on the wonderful Whidbey Island in Washington. Every year in late March and April some of the gray whales pop over into Puget Sound as a stop on their migration. When they come by the neighborhood, everyone runs down to the beach to see them. Today, the whales came […]

Lori, Eva and I were coming back from a trip up to Edison, Wa, and we drove down the road to Fort Casey State Park on the way home to see what sort of wildlife was out an about at sunset. Normally, you can find a lot of birds in the lakes and ponds, but […]