In photography, we can not control everything. It is one of the best parts of the medium. However, we should always make sure to try and be aware of the things in the image we can control. One of the key components, that I think is often overlooked but is so important, is point of view. Point […]

Got home from Photoshop World and my dog Eva was pretty excited to have me home. We took a day off and the family went to the dog park, the pet store and ended the day with a long walk on the beach at sunset. Eva loves to  swim and pickup drift wood. Some days […]

Here is the next collection of 10 books from my bookshelf project that started last week. Each of these books are from my bookshelf in my office that I have found as an amazing source of inspiration  support, or help over the years. While a lot of books I have purchased end up being one hit […]

Working on some images from a trip a few months ago to the Hoh rainforest over in the Olympic National Park. I spent a good chuck of my time in my film world in black and white and so I often times still come across scenes where I just know that I want to process […]

I have been photographing Ruby Beach in the Olympic National park for a number of years. I first stopped at the beach on a drive down 101 after a visit to the Hoh Rainforest more than 10 years ago. It is well marked and a pretty easy hike. In fact, the walk to the beach […]