I sometimes get asked about how I get started in the editing of a image. So over the past weekend, I created a quick video that talks about how I think about an image and some of the concepts that I think about when working on a new image. While each image is unique, these […]

  Over the weekend, I created a Lightroom Channel on Vimeo. In the first couple of videos, I talk about the Development Module and some of my pre-workflow thinking before I start editing an image. Over the next several weeks, I will be adding in more an more content here about Lightroom. If there is something […]

I am currently teaching a Lightroom class and having a great time. Hopefully the other people in class can say the same. Because of the number of features and limited class time,  I agreed that if there was a topic covered in class that any student wanted covered again I would create a video and […]