In this Episode This week I noticed a number of articles online talking about the secrets of photography. Most of them had between five and ten secrets that every photographer should know. As if there are these secrets that somehow have magic powers. At the same time I have been looking back and some journal […]

A mini projet developed as I am getting ready to paint my office and with the addition of new bookshelves in the house. As a result, I have had to move and organize the various photography books I have collected over the years. That got me thinking that I could share the ones that really […]

After a brief conversation today with @duncan on twitter about the perils of focusing on complex file organization systems for our images rather than creating images, I have been thinking about all the things that I do to keep myself from working on the projects and task that actually move my art forward. I think […]

A day shouldn’t go by where you do not take a photo The best photographs are images that surprise in imagination and inspire the next image. Photography what you love and love what you photograph. Even if no one else understands your relationship. I have 9 cameras and not once have they ever photographed anything […]