In this Episode I was recently speaking with my brother, and we got to laughing about how if you look at all the options on the Taco Bell menu, they are basically created with seven ingredients. I got to thinking about how to apply food and photography together. At its most basic, there is not […]

In this Episode In this podcast we return to one of the central themes of creating meaningful work. Since starting the podcast, one of the most common questions I get asked seems to revolve around what it takes to make a good photograph. While we have covered this topic in various forms before on the […]

In this Episode   It is Sunday night and I find myself in front of the recorder again. While I normally try to have my podcast done well in advance, this weekend I was reading something on my phone that sort of got me amped up for the day. There is a lot of photographic […]

In this Episode As I look at my own work and the work of others, I have been noticing that the better photographs have something in common. Each of the photographs has a good working background, midground and foreground. The photographer has taken the time to make sure that all the elements of the entire […]

In this Episode In this week’s podcast, we talk about what you are doing with your work. A lot of photographers seem to be capturing more and more images, and that has gotten me to wonder about what is happening with all of those images. I am not harkening back to a better time in […]