In this Episode As I look at my own work and the work of others, I have been noticing that the better photographs have something in common. Each of the photographs has a good working background, midground and foreground. The photographer has taken the time to make sure that all the elements of the entire […]

In this Episode Well it has been a year since I started the podcast. In this 52nd episode, I look back at a couple of key learning points from the year. As I started the podcast, I learned how hard it is to get audio recorded and sounding normal. I also was reminded that you […]

Over the past several weeks the same topic has been coming up for me over and over again The question of what makes a good photograph. We talked in part about this a few weeks ago in the two-part episode about Camera Lucida (You can get part 1 here and part 2 here) and the […]

In this episode, we take a look at some of the things that you need to focus on when you aren’t sure about how to get started with organizing your images so that you can take on the edit and sequencing of a project. Much like location in real estate, the key to getting successful editing […]

When working on a project one of the most important aspects of that work is the editing and sequencing work. To tell a great story, you need to make sure that the images you select for the project are not just great images but also tell the best story possible. In this podcast, we take […]