A recent conversation with a fellow photographer about all the technical settings for setting up your camera for the right type of focus got me thinking more about how much focus matters with photography. While it is easy to focus on all the cross-hairs, points of focus, servos, manual vs auto and phase detections, […]

There are so many places that we find inspiration and mentorships when we live the life of an artist. One of my greatest influences and inspirations in my photography is the great Miles Davis. In this podcast, I talk about how he has influenced my work and a couple of his quotes that have really […]

It is a wrap on another Photoshop World for me. After an event filled week, I had an uneventful flight home. As with all the Photoshop Worlds I have done in the past, this was a great week of sharing, learning and community. I am often time asked why someone would attend Photoshop World and […]

I am back at Photoshop World again and had the pleasure to join Moose Peterson and company on the Photo Safari pre-con. I think this is my fifth or maybe my sixth Safari, and I always have  blast on each one. This year Moose was as helpful as every answering tons of questions and showing […]

For the past few years I have collected some of my favorite quotes when I am at Photoshop World. As in past years, I have mostly focused on the second day of the conference with the number of sessions and the art of digital photography there is just a lot happening on the second day […]