I am in Las Vegas for my annual trek to Photoshop World. Although the conference starts on Tuesday with my photo shoot with Joe McNally and Moose Peterson, (along with 60 of my closest friends) this year I came down extra early to Vegas for a couple of reasons. The first is that I needed […]

On Wednesday this week, I had the privilege to take part in Zack’s One Light Workshop in Seattle. This wasn’t my first time to get to meet and listen to Zack. I have seen him at Photoshop World, watched his course on Creative Live and I own a copy of his DVD. You could say […]

At the end of the day, portraits are as much about the light as anything else. The light helps craft the story. The folks from DLWS were kind enough to have one of their friends out to model for us and let us tell a classic Hawaiian surfer story. Pualani is a beautiful soul and person. She […]

Paul is an amazing person. He is humble, sincere and makes his living by dancing with fire and swords. For this shoot we got to have two shoots in one. Some natural light portraiture and of Paul fire dancing. One of our instructors, RC,  worked on getting setup a variety of  settings in a small […]