The weekend of August 16-18, 2013, I am teaching a workshop that I am really excited about. As a person who shoots and prints images in also sorts of formats and mediums, I am super jazzed to be teaching a workshop that is the best of all worlds. The digital negative, which is an image […]

Hey everyone I am really excited about a workshop that I am teaching the first weekend in August (2-4) at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle. Over the course of the three days will will spending time learning about how to use compositional elements other than color to create visually interesting photos while learning how […]

I have been co-teaching a class with Jahnavi Barnes at the Photographic Center Northwest this Fall on the critiquing of work. It has been an amazing experience to get to work with a diversity of photographers at different places, wanting different outcomes and each having a very different shooting style and approach to working. The […]