In this Episode In this podcast we return to one of the central themes of creating meaningful work. Since starting the podcast, one of the most common questions I get asked seems to revolve around what it takes to make a good photograph. While we have covered this topic in various forms before on the […]

In this Episode   It is Sunday night and I find myself in front of the recorder again. While I normally try to have my podcast done well in advance, this weekend I was reading something on my phone that sort of got me amped up for the day. There is a lot of photographic […]

In this Episode Well it has been a year since I started the podcast. In this 52nd episode, I look back at a couple of key learning points from the year. As I started the podcast, I learned how hard it is to get audio recorded and sounding normal. I also was reminded that you […]

What is the most important camera setting for a good photograph? I always respond to this question with my classic f/8 at 1/125th of a second. It is what all my shots are done with. I even hold a patent on that setting. My feeble attempt at humor does have me thinking about what are […]

A recent trip to an antique store where I purchased a vintage box of Crayola crayons from the 1910-120s time frame got me thinking a lot about how we children we are rarely creatively blocked. We can pick up pretty much anything and make a fun game out of it. We draw, paint and build […]