My sister-in-law and brother-in-law came by and got me out of the hotel into the fresh, well really hot, air of downtown Las Vegas for dinner tonight. It was great to see them and catch up with all that is going on in their lives. They took me down to the area of downtown Las […]

I attended the Moose Peterson Photo Safari trip to Hoover Dam today as part of the Photoshop World conference in Las Vegas. It was a pretty hot day with the temperatures around 110 degrees, which seemed cool to the tour guides who said temperatures often get into the 120s. I was pretty happy to find […]

I got checked in last night for Photoshop World 2012 (west coast edition), and my room this year at Mandalay Bay is on the 34th floor looking down the strip. So, I thought I would give a shot a making a little time lapse video from the hotel window last night. This video is over […]

That there are amazing mentors that you get to interact with here. Jeremy Cowart’s  presentation on Making a Difference with your Photography was amazing and inspirational. The stories he shared about the people he worked with in Haiti and Africa put tears in my eyes and made me really feel the power that our images […]

Today was the first day of the Photoshop World Conference. Well actually it was the pre-conference workshops, and I attended the Photo Safari that was put on by Moose Peterson and Joe McNally. This is my second time attending a photo safari with Moose and Joe and much like the prior time, this was a great […]