In this Episode   It is Sunday night and I find myself in front of the recorder again. While I normally try to have my podcast done well in advance, this weekend I was reading something on my phone that sort of got me amped up for the day. There is a lot of photographic […]

In this Episode As I look at my own work and the work of others, I have been noticing that the better photographs have something in common. Each of the photographs has a good working background, midground and foreground. The photographer has taken the time to make sure that all the elements of the entire […]

In this Episode One of the questions I have been getting a lot lately is how you go about picking a paper to print your photographs on that will work best for the image. I think there are a few key elements to keep in mind as you think about paper and paper options for […]

In this Episode In this week’s podcast, we talk about what you are doing with your work. A lot of photographers seem to be capturing more and more images, and that has gotten me to wonder about what is happening with all of those images. I am not harkening back to a better time in […]

Soft Proofing in Adobe Lightroom A video  introduction to soft proofing in Adobe Lightroom. You can catch my soft proofing in Photoshop video here.