Understanding color and how we perceive and see color can go a long way in helping understand how and why some of photographs make for stronger color images and others fail. Our understanding of color and how color relates has been studied for hundreds of years by painters, scientist, and psychologist. While each disciple is […]

One of the greatest things about working in modern photography is the flexibility that all our tools allow. One of those areas of flexibility is in shooting in back and white or color. When shooting film, you had to make a decision about shooting in black and white or color when you loaded the camera. […]

Last weekend, I hosted a workshop out on Whidbey Island. After the workshop was over, everyone stuck around for one more sunset shoot. We headed down for a quick stop at Ebey’s National Reserve and then headed over to sunset at Ebey’s Landing. It was a very windy afternoon, and we didn’t have much in […]