Anyone who knows me knows that I love photo books. I find them hugely inspiring and informative. Along those lines, I am also always looking for books that help me better understand the why of photography. In my experiences, I have found that my photography increases as my understanding of color theory, black and white […]

In Part 2 of our look at Roland Barthes Camera Lucida we spend time talking about the second part of the book. While the first part focused more heavily on the coding and meaning of photography and photographs as points of basic study and banality (studium) and photographs of true interest or applied pressure (punctum), […]

Here is the next collection of 10 books from my bookshelf project that started last week. Each of these books are from my bookshelf in my office that I have found as an amazing source of inspiration  support, or help over the years. While a lot of books I have purchased end up being one hit […]

A mini projet developed as I am getting ready to paint my office and with the addition of new bookshelves in the house. As a result, I have had to move and organize the various photography books I have collected over the years. That got me thinking that I could share the ones that really […]