In this Episode   It is Sunday night and I find myself in front of the recorder again. While I normally try to have my podcast done well in advance, this weekend I was reading something on my phone that sort of got me amped up for the day. There is a lot of photographic […]

One of the greatest things about working in modern photography is the flexibility that all our tools allow. One of those areas of flexibility is in shooting in back and white or color. When shooting film, you had to make a decision about shooting in black and white or color when you loaded the camera. […]

I was working with some wet plate processing this past week. For those of you who don’t know about wet-plate photography is is a wonderful process that is crazy hands-on. You have to coat the glass or metal with collodion, silver, expose the image while the plate is wet–hence the name, develop, fix and varnish […]

Hey there is still time to come out and join me for a fun weekend of black and white photography. We will start the workshop off by talking about what makes a great black and white photograph. We will then head out to photograph one of the many great locations on Whidbey Island. The rest […]

I just got back from a ten day trip into Montana, Yellowstone and Wyoming. It was an amazing trip with lots of great opportunities to photograph. The primary purpose of the trip was to take some photographs for a project I am working on, but when you are in such a beautiful place, you can’t […]