On a recent trip to Weston Missouri, the family visited a local farm that we thought had a farmers market going on (it didn’t). Once we got up the driveway, we found a great barn with a little general store and an amazing reception hall attached to the back with what looked like the setup for an wedding later in the day. As the family wondered into the store, I spent some time wondering around the barn and surrounding areas of the farm. It was a great farm with loads of chickens, turkeys, goats and various other farm animals wondering about. You could see the recently cut hay out in one of the fields and lots of great flowers planted around the main house. As I stood there in the 100 degree heat, you could tell that the people who owned that land took a lot of pride in their farm. Everything was neat, clean and well organized. It was clear that there was as lot of hard work that had been done over the years, and you could see it was also a lot of love.

As I meandered about I came across these boots up on a porch of one of the buildings. they were old, well worn boots that looked like they had seen many of fine day on the farm. As I thought that of all the things I had come across that day, I felt those boots represented the dedication and hard work that had been put into the farm more than anything else. It reminded me of my favorite pair of boots and how much I love wearing them. I am sure that like my boots, with all they have seen, those boots have amazing stories to tell.

Image taken with my Nikon D700 and trust 24-70 f/2.8 lens.