A fine art photograph of umbrellas in the Vancouver rain.

I am up in Vancouver, BC for a visit and workshop with David duChemin this weekend. I arrived in Vancouver a day early thinking I would take some time to photograph in and around the city. I opted to walk from the train station to my hotel to get a start on the photography project I had in mind. However this is the Pacific Northwest in October so it started to rain. Actually it started to pour huge buckets of rain. By the time I got to the hotel I was pretty wet with my jacket soaked through. So what can you do, I got the camera gear on the towels to dry and got some coffee and a nap to let the rain pass. Luckily I am an optimist so I figured the rain would lighten, and it would be a nice night to shoot with the wet pavement. My optimism paid off big time (sarcasm should be inserted here). That half full glass of water was now overflowing as the rain continued to pour.

A couple under an umbrella in the Vancouver, BC rainI thought about staying in the hotel to walk some TV, but I sucked it up and heading out into the rain. I had to really rethink my shooting since it was so wet out and not only was my camera rain gear not with me but my heavy rain gear was also back in Seattle. I spent lots of times under the awnings around all the stores looking for some images to talk about the rain. I got really focused on the umbrellas as they were everywhere. So as the skies continued to open up and pour buckets I thought about happens when you get lemons. You make some lemonade out of the rain.