Photoshop World 2017

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Tack Sharp! Sharpening in Lightroom

Thank you for attending the session on sharpening in Lightroom, or if you missed the session, I hope that this hand-out can help you sort out all the ins and outs of sharpening in Lightroom. As I said in the class, the sharpening and noise reduction tools in Lightroom are really amazing, and if you ever need more control or finesse of a file, you can always jump over into Photoshop as an external editor.

When you are working on an image, remember that it is easy to oversharpen and cause artifacts to appear in your image. Because you can sharpen at three stages, it is important to remember less is more.The ultimate goal of sharpening is to use sharpening to enhance an image but never so much that the viewer can see the artifacts of sharpening.

The link below will download a PDF with the notes from the session.

Visual Literacy on Kelby One

If you haven’t had a chance to watch my Visual Literacy class on KelbyOne you should check it out. In the class, we talk about how you go about creating more meaningful work and the steps to take to find your own voice in your work.

Fine Art Printing in Photoshop

Thank you so much for attending my session on fine art printing. I hope that you got all the information you were hoping to get from the session.

From choosing a paper to color calibration to selecting the lights you view your images, each decision you make will have an outcome on the print. While there are lots of variables to keep track of when printing, the most critical might be maintaining a non-destructive workflow. Having the most flexibility possible when you are editing your files will ensure that you get a better print, and that will also allow you to make those final tweaks to get the best print possible.

Finally, getting prints of your photographs is one of the more rewarding aspects of photography. If you haven’t started printing, I encourage you to start. If you have been printing for a long time, I hope that you were able to get some information to take your prints to the next level. If you missed the session, no worries I have almost everything we talked about covered in the PDF below.

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