tPP98 Saying Good-bye and the project process

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

January 23, 2017

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People and your creativity

As 2017 started, I began to look at my creative process and the things that impacted that process. As it turns out, I have some associates that cause a significant drain on my creativity. They are negative, rude and not really all that supportive of the arts or people who are trying to tell interesting stories. It then occurred to me that I don’t have to continue to be friends with and hang out with these people. While it has been a challenge to have some hard conversations with some people, I am finding that having the space to find new people who can support my work has been worth the effort and I encourage you to see if there are people in your life and how they impact your creativity. If they make you more creative then stick with them and maybe it is time to let the negativity go.

Not all people work the same

I have been working with a number of people on some projects lately and a common theme has emerged around project process. I think that we have been brainwashed into a single method or best way to create a project. The reality for me is that there is no right way to work a project. For some people, they have an idea and they can run with it. Others, like me, have the projects just show up from what they are shooting and printing. Both are valid and neither is better than the other just different.

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