tPP91 End of the year award shows, gifts and creative spirit

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

December 5, 2016

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Award Shows

As the end of the year draws near, I got to thinking about some of the things that Hollywood does to celebrate their best of for the year and how that can be applied to photography. As the major award shows draw closer, you will find several lists containing the best of.  I think one of the things we can do with our photography is taking the same categories and apply them to the work we created from the past year. For example, you can get all of your photographs from the past year and select the best pictures you took. You can then find your best picture of the year. You could also, for example, find your best actor or gesture photograph of the year.    There are a lot of other categories you could consider as well.   You can look for your best screenplay or story photo.  You could also look for the image that show cased your best intention and make that your best director photograph.  Finally, you could use the Razzie awards to find your photographs that didn’t quite make the cut this year and have a good laugh.

Creative Energy

One of the things I’ve had some photographers contact me about the past few weeks is dealing with their lack of creativity or creating flow. I think one of the things you can do when you get stuck in this position is to focus on the most simple and easy parts of your creative process. It is when things seem simple and easy we are more likely to try. When you try to think of your creative processes having to solve all the world’s problems or be grander than it needs to be we sometimes shut down in the process, and I think it would be better just to create rather than get stuck in your psychology.

Holiday Gifts

One of the things I get asked a lot this time a year is about gifts for photographers. While the cost of most photographic equipment is outside the reach of normal people, I think there are a number of gifts we could give that would make a difference. If you know, somebody has a favorite photographer you could get them a book or a gift certificate to help pay for part of a workshop or seminar for that person. You could also consider helping them pay for a part of their software subscriptions. I think it is important to realize that when people are asking you for help or a gift, they’re acknowledging your expertise and interest in photography. You should celebrate that recognition.

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