tPP76 Purpose of your feedback

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

August 22, 2016

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We have often talked about the role for criticism in photography. In this podcast, we focus more on understanding the types of feedback that you might give when you look at your own work as well at the work of others. Feedback, which is distinct from criticism, is something that also requires some specific skills. I personally feel that the most important is empathy to the person whose work you are looking at. You need to understand where they are with their work and what type of feedback they might need to be successful. Do they need feedback that is more inspirational or technical? Do they need something that is focused on the edges of insights or more about the accuracy of their vision? Depending on what type of information they need, you can tailor your feedback to make it more meaningful and stcky.

Once you have given your feedback, you need to continue to find ways to extend the empathy. How has the feedback landed? Have you given them a chance to respond? What does it look like when you let them have the time and space to listen, process and respond. Even more important, what does it look like when you offer yourself the same level of empathy when looking at your own work?

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